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The Atheist Who Taught Sunday-School

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Yep.  That was me.  Seventeen years ago I began bringing my two boys to church (why an atheist would bring her kids to church is a story for another day).  Being an energetic, young mom, I was asked to participate in helping with Sunday-School.  I received my curriculum and was set to the task of teaching the younger grades on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  I was Bible illiterate and it was in children’s Sunday-School where I learned the basics of the Bible.

“Our Sunday School teacher says there is no God.”  Not Cool.

My lack of faith didn’t hinder me – I taught with enthusiasm and stuck to the curriculum.  I told myself that if a kid asked me any questions I would give some diplomatic answer such as, “Well, this church teaches blah, blah,” instead of giving my personal opinion – which wouldn’t have gone over very well if the kids went back to their parents saying, “ Guess what, Mom?  Our Sunday School teacher says there is no God.”  Not cool.

God Knew Where I Belonged

I had tried an adult class on one of our first Sundays.  It was over my head.  I had no idea where any books of the Bible were located–actually, I don’t think I even knew the Bible was divided into books.  I needed to start at the beginning–literally–alongside preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Maybe some of the parents would have frowned at the fact that their kid’s teacher was an atheist.  But God knew where I belonged.  I attended church as a strict atheist for over three years before I experienced a sudden conversion.  I got saved at the age of thirty.  I learned that God works in all our lives.  I know…because He was working in mine before I ever knew He existed.


Yolanda DeLoach is a member of Wesley UMC and through her writing, tries to remind herself to keep life light.

4 Responses to The Atheist Who Taught Sunday-School

  1. Teaching a class helps our own faith grow as our knowledge grows. No one knows it all and the interaction with students stretches us to find out more. I have participated in many adult classes, workshops and seminars but learned the most when I was teaching a class to others.

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