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‘Twas the Days After Christmas…”

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I’m definately no Clement C. Moore, but this is a bit of fun…just forgive my lack of poetry knowledge.  I guess I wasn’t paying attention in English class when we got to the poetry unit.  I’m not even sure of the correct punctuation… oh well.


‘Twas the days after Christmas and my heart’s feeling light

The tree is dried out and isn’t standing up right.


Nice presents were opened, but some have to wait,

‘Cause thanks to Fed-Ex, a few will be late.


No cookies were baked and no cards were sent,

So busy with school – don’t know where the time went.


Did some singing with Scrooge – that classic tale,

Bitterness, grumpiness…we could all lift that veil.


Saw on the news, that some kids had been shot,

Heaven on earth?  This surely is not.


Our famiy’s not perfect, but a baby’s been born,

My son called to tell me, early one morn.


Dark tunnels have been walked – but there’s light at the end,

‘Cause just as God promised, His Son He will send.


When we think we’ve lost hope and life isn’t stable,

We can turn to a God that we know is quite able.


It’s because of God’s holiness, love and might,

That in these days after Christmas, my heart can feel light.


Yolanda DeLoach is a member of Wesley UMC and through her writing, tries to remind herself to keep life light.




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