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Super Bowl Sunday Trivia!

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  A day where 1 billion of the world’s people will tune in to this event.  Not quite as many as the 2.5 billion who watched Princess Diana’s funeral back in 1997, but definitely an impressive number.

Are you going to a Super Bowl party?  If you are, you may be consuming some of the 20 million pounds of potato or tortilla chips that are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday.

Did you know that sales for antacid increase by 20% on Super Bowl Sunday?  (see above)

Getting married?

Super Bowl weekend is the slowest for weddings.

Apparently, football is more exciting than ringing in the New Year for some, because 1/2 of all Americans would rather go to a Super Bowl party than a New Year’s Eve party.

Super Bowl goers aren’t rich.  The median income of a Super Bowl ticket holder is $70k.  About 35% write it off as a corporate expense.  It’s just a tough day’s work.

$4 Million Dollars

That’s the cost of a 30 second commercial spot during this year’s game.  I bet there’s a lot of pressure on writers to come up with material worth $4 million dollars.

Did you know 72 footballs are used in one Super Bowl game?  I would have never guessed…all those footballs look the same.

26 of 46 Super Bowls have been played in New Orleans and the Greater Miami and Greater Los Angeles areas.

This is interesting…

In 1961 Packers star halfback Paul Hornung nearly missed the NFL Championship Game because he was called up to active duty by the Army. Packers coach Vince Lombardi called President John F. Kennedy asking that he grant leave for Hornung until after the title game.

Kennedy agreed, saying, “Paul Hornung isn’t going to win the war on Sunday, but the football fans of this country deserve the two best teams on the field that day.” (info from

Enjoy the game and if you’re out shopping for today’s party – pick up something for your local food pantry!

Yolanda DeLoach (@YolandaDeLoach) is a member of Wesley UMC and through her writing, tries to remind herself to keep life light.




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