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Musing from the Music Room: Feeling a bit flat

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For my newsletter article this month, I really felt like I didn’t have anything inspiring to say.  I felt unmotivated and just “blah.”  But, I think most of us feel that life is not inspiring all the time.

We get bogged down with everyday life, get caught up in personal issues, worry about what is happening in our world, and have a hard time seeing our way through.  We lose our focus.

Just when I thought I might just skip writing an article for February due to my “grey” feelings, I heard a great piece of music that uplifted my spirits.  It’s actually one of my favorite orchestral pieces, and was introduced to me in college by one of my conducting professors.  Very epic.  If you want to hear it (and see some beautiful video), check out this YouTube link:

Sometimes all we need is a little nudge from God to get motivated.

For me, that nudge mostly comes in the way of listening to music and also gathering with others to hear/sing/play God’s praises.  I also feel encouraged and become motivated once again when I give encouragement to others and try to make a difference in their lives, even if it is just for that moment.

Pastor Tim has been preaching to us about the fact we are living in the last days.  We need to encourage and motivate one another.  In Hebrews (10:25) we are told to not to turn away from assembling with one another and exhort (lift up/encourage) one another “so much more as you see the Day approaching.”   When we do this, we feel so much better, ourselves!

How about you?  How does God whisper encouragement in your ear?

Prayer for the day:

“Lord Jesus, help us not to get caught up in the things of this world, but help us to keep our focus on you.  When we do lose focus, Lord, give us that gentle, loving nudge to remind us to get back on track so that we may be an encouragement to one another and to live for you.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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