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Like and Share If…

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If you’re on facebook you’ve seen the ‘Like and Share ifs’…

Like and Share if you love your daughter.

Like and Share if you want to save cute, furry animals.

Like and Share if you care anything-about-this-worthy-cause-because-if-you-don’t-you’re-a-schmuck.

And then there’s the big one… Like and Share if you love  Jesus.

Oooo…gotta pause on that one ‘cause what will all my Christian friends think if I pass on liking Jesus?

Oh and here’s a good one…

I certainly fall short because Jesus isn’t on my facebook wall.  Shame on me.  (Is that a red-haired Jesus or am I imagining things?)

Then there’s the challenge. “90% of my friends won’t like or share this…blah, blah, blah.”   Now you’re really in trouble if you don’t share.  In other words, you’re a loser if you don’t like or share.

I Refuse to Like and Share When I’m ‘Told’


That doesn’t mean I don’t love my daughter, son, neighbor or random person.

It doesn’t mean I don’t care about cute seals getting clubbed to death or kids with disabilities.

I refuse because it seems like an adult version of elementary school.  Did you ever get a note that says, “If you want to be my friend, check yes, if you don’t want to be friends, check no.”

If I click the ‘like and share if you agree’ I would feel like a silly kid trying to fit in with the group.  My personality is more like – screw the group – I’ll do whatever I want and I don’t care what you think.

I don’t need facebook world’s approval.

Like and Share if you agree.

Yolanda DeLoach (@YolandaDeLoach) is a member of Wesley UMC and through her writing, tries to remind herself to keep life light.


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