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What’s Irritating You?

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There are a lot of potential irritants in life – long lines, parking tickets, traffic, holes in socks and wedgies.

Have you ever been irritated on a perfectly good walk by a wedgie?  I sure have.

I glance in all directions to make sure no one is looking before I fix it – only to have it back in about 20 steps.

So the whole walk is spent like this – glance, tug, happy for 20 steps, glance, tug, happy for 20 steps…

Repeat for 3 miles.

I refuse to cut the walk short – because I’m on a mission, wedgie or not.

Of course there’s that moment of getting caught mid-tug.  If I happen to notice someone watching – I might just smile – or I might pretend to brush lint off my pants.

Depends on who it is.

We Can Choose to Hang On and Harp About It or Let It Go

We can let irritants in our life fester and boil over or chose to let them go.  You can rant about that parking ticket all day to anyone who will listen or accept it as one of those things and move on.

When someone asks how’s your day going – is the first thing you offer a complaint about what’s irritating you?

The waitress got my order wrong at lunch.

I’m tired.

I hit every red light on the way to work.

Someone cut me off in traffic.

I spilled coffee on my pants.

These little things will happen almost every day – is that what you want to focus on?

Wasted Energy

I recently met a lady who had her hair done for an event.  It was early afternoon and she told everyone how much she hated her hair.

In the evening of the event – hours later – she was still going on about how much she hated her hair.  How sad is that?

How much energy did she waste on such a wonderful day complaining about her hair?

Be on a mission to enjoy the day regardless of the little irritants that come up.

Let them go.

And if you see me tuggin’ at a wedgie – know that I’m doing my best to still enjoy my walk.

Yolanda DeLoach (@YolandaDeLoach) is a member of Wesley UMC and through her writing, tries to remind herself to keep life light.






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