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Are You Waiting for Someone Else to Go First?

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Observing human behavior is downright fun at times.  A week or so ago I took my daughter to a local tennis court for lessons.  On the first day, we pulled into the parking lot and passed a dozen or so parked cars with people sitting inside. 

We parked and sat for a moment.

On the tennis court were two people who looked to be college age, sitting next to a large bin of tennis balls.  I assumed they were the instructors.

I glanced out the window at the row of people sitting in their cars.  Lessons started at 1:00.  It was 12:58 and there was no one on the court.

No One Wants to Go First

I told my daughter to get out and ask the two people on the court if this was the right place and time for tennis lessons (like–where else would tennis lessons take place??).

When she returned, the lady parked in the next van asked her if this was the right place.

My daughter said yes.

The lady and her kid continued to sit in their van.

My daughter hopped back into our van.

“So is this it?” I asked.

“Yep,” she answered.

She makes no move to get back out.

“Okay – so get out and go,” I said.

“But no one else is getting out,” my daughter said.

I chuckled as I looked at the row of cars lined up in front of the tennis court.

“Every one of those people is waiting for someone else to be the first one out – I guarantee you that if you get out, everyone will follow you,” I said.

My daughter reluctantly got out of the van and walked onto the court alone.  Within seconds, a dozen or so car and van doors opened as kids with tennis rackets jumped out and walked onto the court.

My daughter waved goodbye and I smiled and mouthed, “I told you so!”

Be Bold

We read about boldness in the Bible–boldness to speak out and stand up for God’s Truth.

That can be a hard thing to do.

We don’t want to be criticized or the center of attention; we don’t want to be the first ones on the tennis court and risk looking dumb if we’re in the wrong place.

We want to wait for someone else to go first.

But if we take a deep breath and are willing to stand for God’s Truth we might be surprised at those who will follow.  There are a lot of people out there sitting and waiting for someone else to be the first one on the court.

Maybe that someone else is you.

Be bold.

“Proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.”  Acts 28:31

Yolanda DeLoach (@YolandaDeLoach) is a member of Wesley UMC and through her writing, tries to remind herself to keep life lightVisit Yolanda at her site – come on over!

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