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Are You a Misfit?

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We are uniquely created, every one of us.   Even though we are unique, many find a place to fit–a place where they find others like themselves.

We all desire a tribe.

We like the idea of uniqueness, but in reality most of us don’t want to be different.

We shop at the same stores, drive the same cars and eat up whatever pop culture feeds us.

Just drive through an all American suburb – nothing unique there.

And then there are the misfits.

Those of us who see things a bit differently.

Those of us who are viewed as a bit odd.

Those of us who will never fit the mold.

Those of us who would be choked to death living in the ‘burbs.

Misfits see the world differently

—often from the outside looking in.

We quietly observe and learn.  We question and wonder.  We think the cookie cutter life looks safe and secure, yet, at the same time it looks stifling and painfully average.

Misfits know they’re different, but they often don’t know why.  Young misfits try hard to fit in; the need to fit in is strong for the young.  Some misfits never outgrow that need, but others grow to feel comfortable with—or at least accepting of their misfit status.

So much is swirling around in the heads of misfits.  Ideas for songs, stories, novels, symphonies, art –some of those ideas stay locked in our heads and sometimes we manage to be productive and make something of those ideas.

So what’s a Christian misfit to do when we know we’re called to fellowship with other Christians?  Well… we do our best; we may fellowship, but we never really fit.  We continue to quietly observe and learn.

We question and wonder.

For me, a red-haired, middle aged misfit, that observing and wondering stirs up stories and characters which fill my head and I yearn to see those stories on paper.  Maybe it’s my way of making sense of the world—or at least the skewed way I see it.

Eventually, Christian misfits need to make peace with themselves and allow God to use them as they are.  We may not come packaged up all nice and pretty, ready to give our testimony on Focus on the Family.

But that’s okay.

Maybe I’ll start my own show called, “The Life and Times of a Christian Misfit.”

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” ~Ephesians 2:10

Yolanda DeLoach (@YolandaDeLoach) is a member of Wesley UMC and through her writing, tries to remind herself to keep life light. You can find more about her here.

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