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Do you think there is no absolute Truth?

Recently I read a book by New York Times bestselling author, Mary Pipher. In it she told about her family in which she grew up . Some were conservative Christians, others were nonreligious; some were urbanites, others were farmers on the Central Plains; some ate only certain kinds of healthy foods, others smothered everything in… Continue Reading

Why you should say Merry Christmas!

A number of years ago, following a Christmas Eve service at a church I was serving, a person who was visiting the church heard me greeting people with the phrase, “Merry Christmas!” This person loudly exclaimed, “You can’t say that — separation of church and state!” Several people around smiled as I said, “look where… Continue Reading

When things don’t go your way

Everyone has those days. When things don’t go your way and you feel isolated and alone. Perhaps you even feel abandoned by God at these points in your life. We want to quit at that point because we are sure that no one even God understands our needs or will fill them. At this point,… Continue Reading

Would you enjoy some square dancing?

Wesley is blessed to have a lot of talent and diverse talent at that! In October, you have the opportunity to join Butch and Ginny Danielski for Square Dancing with Butch & Ginny. You are invited to join our very own premier caller, Butch Danielski and his lovely wife Ginny for some good old, fashioned,… Continue Reading

Have you ever wanted to learn to blog?

One of the features of Wonderful Wednesdays is offering activities that allow you to learn new skills. In October you will have two specific opportunities to learn. You can learn how to Square Dance with Butch and Ginny, which you can learn more about by clicking here. The other opportunity is a three class session… Continue Reading