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The Cow Costume that Broke the Camel’s Back

Ahhh….the season for Christmas pageants, concerts and parties is upon us.  Supposedly, these events enrich our Christmas experience, but often times, they just bring added stress – well… maybe not the event itself, but the preparations leading up to the event can be less than joyous. Our church children’s program of 2006 was one of those… Continue Reading

Barefeet and Baby-poo

“Everyone out to the van!”  I bellowed.  Our routine scramble-out-the-door-for-church had begun.  “I’ll grab the baby and be right out.” The four kids piled into the van while I dashed upstairs and scooped up 5 week-old, Grace, out of my bed.  She would go to church in her sleeper, wrapped in a receiving blanket and I… Continue Reading

Toxins and Our Health

Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins in the environment.  They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the chemicals in the products that fill our homes.  Our bodies work to eliminate toxins on its own, but over time, toxins can build up, causing disease, premature aging, digestive issues and… Continue Reading