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Los Angeles: Day 1

I haven’t flown in twenty-years. Some might be surprised at that–but I’ve spent that time raising 5 kids and when you want to take a family that size anywhere–you pile in the van. So needless to say, I looked forward to my first post 9/11 flight. We flew on an airline that sounds more like… Continue Reading

Are You a Misfit?

We are uniquely created, every one of us.   Even though we are unique, many find a place to fit–a place where they find others like themselves. We all desire a tribe. We like the idea of uniqueness, but in reality most of us don’t want to be different. We shop at the same stores, drive… Continue Reading

Let Your Heart Be Found

I am so into the song, Come to the River, by the Rhett Walker Band.  When I really like a song I’ll play it over and over on youtube.  Here’s part of the chorus: “Come to the River, Lay yourself down, Let your heart be found.” Let your heart be found – isn’t that awesome? … Continue Reading

Education, Schooling and Wisdom

As I wrap up another year of schooling for myself, I reflect on the meaning it has in my life.  As a homeschooler for two decades I never bought into the idea of institutionalized schooling, but yet, I’ve found myself in this institution. Am I any more educated than I was? In some ways, yes… Continue Reading

Transitions are Never Easy

The transition from winter to spring usually doesn’t happen overnight.  One day it’s 70 degrees and we can’t wait to put on shorts for the first time in months.  Then the next day it’s 30, rainy and back to winter coats. Springtime with a large family means an overload of outwear by the door. Everyone… Continue Reading