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Are You Living To Your Full Potential?

Today I turn 45. Birthdays are a good time for reflection and self evaluation.  We look at where we’ve been and wonder where we’re going.  We ask ourselves questions.  One that I ask is… Am I living up to my full potential? It’s so easy to become complacent. If we’re not careful we can become apathetic… Continue Reading

Facebook Worthy Lives

We all want facebook worthy lives, right?  All the smiles, the wonderful families, the travel pictures, the celebrations… I read that facebook is making people unhappy. Why? Because people think everyone else’s lives are wonderful and better than theirs. It would be peachy if life was all nice and neat, all smiles and facebook worthy.… Continue Reading

What’s Your Vision?

Do you have a vision of who you wish to be?  What you want to become? I think we all do.  We like to imagine what our lives might be like in the future. There may be those who are stagnant and have nothing they want to strive for, but for the majority of us,… Continue Reading

Compassion – Show Some to Yourself Today

We’re pretty tough.  We can be harsh, judgmental and unforgiving. Who is on the receiving end of this treatment? We are. Self-criticism can be a motivation to do better and improve – just like giving constructive criticism can help someone else make improvements.  But it has to be constructive and not destructive. So often we… Continue Reading

Spiritual Snobbery

Has anyone ever responded to a question you asked like this?  Person A:  “Did you watch – what-ever-cheesy-tv-show-is-the-rage – last night?” Person B:  “Oh, no – I rarely watch tv – last night I was at my weekly Bible study.” A simple, no, would have answered the question – the question was – did you watch… Continue Reading