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Bored People are Boring People

I’m bored.  That was boring. What a boring day. When I hear someone talk like that I actually learn more about the person doing the talking than what they’re saying is boring. I learn that some people need to be constantly entertained – that they believe that everything should be ‘fun’ – and really, since… Continue Reading

Are You Accepting Less Out of Life?

Did you ever accept less in life because you didn’t think you could have better?  Sometimes when I look at an old, bitter person I wonder if they spent their life accepting less; if they accepted less so often that expecting better was no longer thought about. Thrive vs. Survive God’s plan for us is… Continue Reading

Apple Throwing Folly

I like the word Folly. Maybe because it sounds like a lot of other fun words like dolly – do kids still call their dolls, dollies? How about golly?  Can’t you just hear Gomer Pyle saying that? And then there’s lolly, as is lollygag, which means to dawdle.  Now how cool of word is that? … Continue Reading

What’s Irritating You?

There are a lot of potential irritants in life – long lines, parking tickets, traffic, holes in socks and wedgies. Have you ever been irritated on a perfectly good walk by a wedgie?  I sure have. I glance in all directions to make sure no one is looking before I fix it – only to have… Continue Reading

Are You a Zombie?

The second month of 2013 is almost gone. So how’s the year starting off for you? Did you have hopes that something would be different? That this would be the year? If the status quo hasn’t changed and it’s the same old story, maybe you’re a zombie. Who Are Zombies? Zombies are all the rage… Continue Reading

Ready For Change? Part 2

After writing yesterday’s post, I signed into one of my wellness classes to find that the lesson was about recognizing the stages of behavioral change. Since this is a wellness class, the focus is on helping people change behavior in order to improve their health. This change could be eliminating a bad habit like smoking,… Continue Reading