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Live By Faith

Last night I was talking with a friend who will be out of state for a few months.  I asked him what he plans to do when he gets back – will he return to his job? He looked at me and said, “Live by faith, not by sight.” Those words echoed in my mind… Continue Reading

Where’s the Chocolate?

The other day I was having afternoon tea (now doesn’t that sound all refined and proper?) and I had the urge for some dark chocolate to go with it. I didn’t think I had any, but I searched the cupboards anyway. Maybe, just maybe there would be a forgotten chocolate square wadded up in foil hiding… Continue Reading

What’s Your Life Philosophy?

In one of my health and wellness classes, the assignment for this week is to formulate our own personal wellness philosophy. I both like and dislike these types of assignments. I dislike it because the answer isn’t in the text book – it’s not cut and dry.  Those are the easy assignments. I like it… Continue Reading

Like and Share If…

If you’re on facebook you’ve seen the ‘Like and Share ifs’… Like and Share if you love your daughter. Like and Share if you want to save cute, furry animals. Like and Share if you care anything-about-this-worthy-cause-because-if-you-don’t-you’re-a-schmuck. And then there’s the big one… Like and Share if you love  Jesus. Oooo…gotta pause on that one… Continue Reading

Communication Craziness

Isn’t communication crazy at times? You say one thing, but the other person hears something else. Sometimes miscommunication can arise from hearing a word the wrong way. When I was a kid I was telling my friends about getting pig feed in my face and hair because a gust of wind blew it up out… Continue Reading

The Art of Junior High Note Writing

Is there really any purpose to junior high school other than it being a place to corral the most socially awkward people on the planet? Remember junior high romance? Girl likes Boy.  Girl sends girlfriend over to Boy to ask if he likes her.  Girl emphasizes that girlfriend must ask if he likes her as… Continue Reading

.58 Cents

Last night, my nine year old and I walked her paper route.  We needed milk, so I had grabbed a five dollar bill so we could stop by the gas station when we finished the route. At the gas station I told Liz she could pick out a candy with pieces so we could share with everyone… Continue Reading