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Ummm…What’s Advent?

We, the church, like to use churchy words. We’re so accustomed to them that we forget not everyone knows what they mean. When I don’t know what something means, I make a mental note to Google it when I get home. Glancing at your neighbor in the pew most likely won’t help, because they shrug… Continue Reading

Los Angeles: Day 1

I haven’t flown in twenty-years. Some might be surprised at that–but I’ve spent that time raising 5 kids and when you want to take a family that size anywhere–you pile in the van. So needless to say, I looked forward to my first post 9/11 flight. We flew on an airline that sounds more like… Continue Reading

Are You a Misfit?

We are uniquely created, every one of us.   Even though we are unique, many find a place to fit–a place where they find others like themselves. We all desire a tribe. We like the idea of uniqueness, but in reality most of us don’t want to be different. We shop at the same stores, drive… Continue Reading

Let Your Heart Be Found

I am so into the song, Come to the River, by the Rhett Walker Band.  When I really like a song I’ll play it over and over on youtube.  Here’s part of the chorus: “Come to the River, Lay yourself down, Let your heart be found.” Let your heart be found – isn’t that awesome? … Continue Reading