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Clint Eastwood Style Pastor

What if our pastor was like The Preacher in Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider?  Leather hat, spurs, unshaven, taking down bad guys with a sledge hammer…gee…I think I’d spend more time doing my hair on Sunday mornings. Gun Slinging in Seminary In my experience I haven’t come across a Clint Eastwood pastor yet.  All the pastors that… Continue Reading

Buying Christian ‘Junk’

The Christian paraphernalia business is huge.  Christian parents can buy Junior a plastic bat that says, “Score Big with Jesus,” or shoes that say, “Jesus Loves You,” on the soles.  Mom will be thrilled with those muddy footprints on the floor that remind her of God’s unfailing love. Let’s make sure to teach our girls… Continue Reading

Ask the Internet Fairy!

You know when you start to Google something and after a couple of words it gives suggestions based on popular searches?  I thought I’d try some phrases and see what the internet fairy would say are the most popular searches for Google and Yahoo. I typed in, “How much…” and Google finished with, “…should I… Continue Reading

The Church Nursery

The church nursery.  A place of warm fuzzies and happy smiles.  Isn’t that how it’s usually put to get people to volunteer?  This is going to make me look bad, I’m sure, but I’m not doing this blog to make me look good.  Just real. I Need A Break From Small Ones For years I… Continue Reading

Using Fear

Wow.  I wonder how heavy that sign is.  And a blow horn, too.  That’s a pretty intense list.  It’s amazing to think that this guy will never do anything on that list. Never?  Hmmmm…. It’s funny how “general heathen” is mentioned last – I guess he didn’t want to leave anyone out.   Those run of… Continue Reading

Dream Big

Wasn’t it easy as a kid, to dream big?   Your whole life was in front of you and anything was possible.  Becoming an astronaut, a dancer, a singer, a mom, the President, seeing the world…it all seemed possible just by the very fact that we stated it so.  We may attain some of those childhood… Continue Reading