Inspired To New Heights - Grateful & Growing!

Seeing the Big Picture

Have you ever seen a movie where the camera pans away from the characters and rises so high that they become miniscule before eventually disappearing? All that can be seen is the vast landscape.  You were so engrossed in their story that you believed nothing else in the world was happening, but when the camera spans the… Continue Reading

What If Jesus Lived Today?

Sometimes I think it’s easy to imagine Jesus having worn a gleaming white robe and had a glowing aura around him.  Many paintings depict him this way.  But without instant hot water and Tide to get the whitest of whites, I’m sure his robe was as dingy, dusty and smelly as the next guy’s. Judas… Continue Reading

Uncomfortable Around Christians?

Last semester I met for a conference with my English professor.  He knew I was a Christian by the papers I had written and at times during class discussions he let it be known that he came from a fundamentalist Christian background. He told me a bit about his past; that he married young and… Continue Reading

Choosing a Church – Atheist Style

Over the years I’ve heard many people’s stories about church ‘shopping’ and their experiences in visiting different churches.  Some looked at theology; some looked at the content of the classes offered while others wanted a certain denomination. My criteria in choosing my church was far less intellectual and deep; it was three blocks from my… Continue Reading