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How Busy Art Thou?

How busy art thou? Does being busy make you feel holier-than-thou? I recently had a mom eager to tell me that her kids were in “a hundred things.” Gee, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not impressed.  Really. We all go through seasons where we’re busier at certain times just because of life circumstances, but… Continue Reading

Why We Like Frank Burns

Remember Frank Burns from MASH?  We loved to hate him because he was such an idiot and all around low life. This scene is great. Idiots have always been around.  The Bible uses the term fool. In the King James Bible the word fool appears 66 times. Foolish 52 times Foolishly 12 times Foolishness 20 times… Continue Reading

7 Strange Phobias

Hey!  It’s the end of the week, so let’s enrich our Friday with trivia that will entertain and inform!  We’ll take a little time to enjoy some useless drivel. Why? For no other reason than… it’s fun! How ’bout we talk about strange phobias? Did you cross the street this morning on your way to… Continue Reading

Time – A Weird Phenomenon

A few days ago I was scrambling out the door to get to work.  As I was getting on my shoes my teenage daughter saunters into the kitchen and says, “Well… if you had started getting ready earlier you wouldn’t be rushing.” Okay, Miss Smarty Pants.  I sassily parroted back her words and we laughed.… Continue Reading

Someday? Be a Doer Now and Go For It

Nothing will happen to you in life if you’re just sitting around.  The phrase ‘opportunity is knocking at your door’ only rings true if you’re putting in the effort. I doubt anyone has ever gained success by sitting on the couch and suddenly great opportunities knocked on the front door like the pizza guy. Someday…… Continue Reading

Super Bowl Sunday Trivia!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  A day where 1 billion of the world’s people will tune in to this event.  Not quite as many as the 2.5 billion who watched Princess Diana’s funeral back in 1997, but definitely an impressive number. Are you going to a Super Bowl party?  If you are, you may be consuming some of the… Continue Reading