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8 Fascinating Facts About Toilets

Since today is Friday I thought I’d write about something totally trivial.  Toilets.  We all have them.  Even churches do.  So if it’s in church I guess it’s okay for the blog. I picked up a book (The Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists) at the library that lists fascinating and trivial facts.  Here are eight… Continue Reading

Do We Really Get It? God Loves Us

Okay – we need to get something straight.  I have the cutest grandbaby around.  It’s true. I know it.  You know it. So let’s just get that out on the table. I am also not above shamelessly using this blog to proclaim it either. Her name is Avery and she’s the cutest thing goin’. I enjoyed watching… Continue Reading

My Crockpot Angel

After you have a baby, there’s a flurry of activity.  People come to see the baby and bring gifts and meals.  After about 2 weeks it all settles down.  When Grace, kid #5, came along I thought I was constantly on a sinking ship. I was acquaintances with a lady at our church.  Not really… Continue Reading

Live It vs. Preach It

I saw this video the other day and I’ve watched it twice.  It’s a woman confronting an open air preacher and wants to debate the ‘just live your faith vs. preaching it’ idea. I Can See Both Sides. Her argument is about living your faith and people will come to Jesus.  I’ve heard that before… Continue Reading

Clint Eastwood Style Pastor

What if our pastor was like The Preacher in Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider?  Leather hat, spurs, unshaven, taking down bad guys with a sledge hammer…gee…I think I’d spend more time doing my hair on Sunday mornings. Gun Slinging in Seminary In my experience I haven’t come across a Clint Eastwood pastor yet.  All the pastors that… Continue Reading

Buying Christian ‘Junk’

The Christian paraphernalia business is huge.  Christian parents can buy Junior a plastic bat that says, “Score Big with Jesus,” or shoes that say, “Jesus Loves You,” on the soles.  Mom will be thrilled with those muddy footprints on the floor that remind her of God’s unfailing love. Let’s make sure to teach our girls… Continue Reading