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Los Angeles: Day 1

I haven’t flown in twenty-years. Some might be surprised at that–but I’ve spent that time raising 5 kids and when you want to take a family that size anywhere–you pile in the van.

So needless to say, I looked forward to my first post 9/11 flight.

We flew on an airline that sounds more like a soda company–Sun Country. During turbulence, I glanced at the flight attendants. They looked pretty happy–so I was happy.

Two funnies from today:

~While driving past the National Cemetery, which is across from the airport, one of the girls in my van asked, “Is that cemetery for airplane deaths?”

~While coming in for a landing I should never say to Deb–whose eyes were closed–“We’re gonna hit.”


Hello, Los Angeles!


Our 15 passenger van was waiting for us and after a few U turns, being honked at by irate drivers who didn’t care if our excuse for blocking traffic was that we’re out-of-staters–we made it to the Travel Lodge.

Dinner was at a Persian/Italian place–an unusual combo. It’s probably not everyday they seat 12 people wearing neon yellow in their fine establishment.

The day was closing when one of the girls needed some personal care items. We thought we’d try a gas station near the hotel which was across many lanes of busy traffic. I told the two girls who were with me that we were going to hold hands and run.

Now you know that you’re not in Wausau anymore when you tell two teenage girls that they have to hold your hand–and they don’t argue against it.

‘Night all. Tomorrow on to the Dream Center.


Love Thy Neighbor

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