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Mission Projects

Wesley United Methodist Church is a mission-focused congregation that seeks to be a part of the community we live in and also outreach to many other areas both in the United States and globally. We do this through specific fundraising initiatives and targeted donations as well as hands-on mission trips to places in the Wausau area, throughout the United States and as far away as India.

Mission Trips

Our mission trips are diverse and include both the more traditional youth group mission trips and a unique multi-generational mission trip that combines young children with their parents, grandparents, and other youth and congregational members.

Reaching out beyond our church into our community is the norm for Wesley UMC. In recent years, in addition to our youth group’s mission trips, we have added a new special ministry that pairs youth with adults and even older adults who join together to minister to people in inner cities and rural communities.

These trips create a bond in ministry of our team as well as those they minister to along the way. The gripping stories told when they return tell the congregation that the mission team too has been changed by this experience.

Mission projects

Potato Gleaning project

  • Launched initially when the late Steve Foster was our pastor, this annual trek to the Antigo potato fields allows us the opportunity to have a fun-filled fellowship time coupled with an opportunity to pick up potatoes after the harvest.
  • The harvest of 1000+ potatoes is shared with our own food pantry as well as other food pantries in the area.

Mission of the Month

Each month Wesley’s mission team selects a mission that receives all of the loose cash, coin, or designated funds to the Mission of the Month. Recipients vary from local organizations like:

  • The Women’s Community
  • Salvation Army
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Stable Hands
  • Hope Pregnancy Resource Center

Global mission projects are supported by the Mission of the Month, such as:

  • United Methodist Church Apportionment
  • UMCOR – As the humanitarian relief and development arm of The United Methodist Church, UMCOR transforms and strengthens people and communities.
  • Helping Haiti


If you have always wanted to be part of a mission-focused congregation, we invite you to come and join us. If you have no desire to actually going on a mission trip, that’s OK, you can still support the trips through your donations or participation in fundraising ventures.

We are a creative and innovative congregation who likes to make worship and missions fun. We welcome you to be part of Wesley!