Inspired To New Heights - Grateful & Growing!


Wesley is blessed with many musical options and many talented performers. Music Director Patti Preisig shares:


Normal rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings.

     6:30 PM–Handbell Choir Rehearsal

     7:15 PM–Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Are you ready to celebrate your Musicality?

Wesley UMC is looking for some new members for our choirs, and you can join at any time!


Handbell Choir:

While knowing how to read music is a plus, what we really need is people with a willing spirit and a desire to learn.  If you think you’d like to be a part of this choir, please contact Patti.  She can give you a crash course and get you going!

Chancel Choir:

Men, women, teens, and adults of all ages — sopranos, altos, tenors, tenors, tenors, (we really need tenors) and basses. More voices are needed to fill our choir and bring glory to God!