Inspired To New Heights - Grateful & Growing!

What Wesley United Methodist Church Believes

The Purpose, Vision, and Mission of Wesley United Methodist Church, Wausau

Our purpose is to declare the Word of the Lord and guard its message.

Our vision is to be a church of faithful, positive, participating people who are led by the Holy Spirit through praise, prayer, and sharing of the Good News of Christ, Our Savior, actively witnessing and ministering to others.

As a community of growing Christians, our mission is to offer a Christ-centered ministry:

  • to reach out and touch the unchurched wherever we find them;
  • to make a positive difference in the lives of others;
  • and to nurture the spiritual needs of our church family.

Motto of Wesley United Methodist Church:

Inspired to New Heights: Grateful and Growing

The Mission of the Wisconsin Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Live, Give Love… Beyond all Expectation!

The Mission of the United Methodist Church:

Make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!