2019 Silent Auction


Open Bidding will begin on Sunday October 27, 2019. Bid Sheets will be displayed along with the Auction items in Fellowship Hall. Write your name, phone number and bid amount on the Bid Sheet.      

Bidding continues until Sunday morning November 10 (Auction ends approximately 30 minutes after Sunday November 10, 10:00AM Worship Service), approximately 11:45AM.

The last 15 minutes of the Silent Auction will be by Closed Bid. You will enter your bid onto a Bid Slip and drop the Bid Slip into a container at each auction item.

Highest Bid wins. In case of a tie (more than 1 bid of the same amount), the winner will be determined by a random drawing of the tie bids.  Winning Bidders should be determined around noon on Sunday November 10.

If you are unable to place your final bid yourself, feel free to contact a Auction Committee Member, another Church Member or the Church Office (715-842-3768) and we will place your bid for you.

You will be welcome to take your winning bid items home after payment on Sunday November 10.

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