A View From The Hill – April

Written by Rev. Ethan L. Larson

On Apr 3, 2021

April is upon us and Easter, along with spring, which began in March, is bringing us flowers, green grass, buds on the trees and more time outside.

What are you going to do to celebrate Easter this year?  Easter is the most important holiday, or Holy Day, in the Christian faith and in the history of the world.  It really is the reason to celebrate.  Many people have placed signs in their yards over the last 30 years saying “Keep Christ in Christmas!” which is an important statement, but Easter is the more essential Holy Day for the Church and for us individually.

The early Church did not celebrate Christmas till the middle of the 5th century.  Easter has been celebrated since the day of Jesus’ resurrection.  Easter is the reason Christians worship on Sunday rather than on Saturday following the Jewish tradition.  Each Sunday is meant to be a remembrance and a celebration of the resurrection and what Jesus’ resurrection means for us.

We utilize different items from around us like flowers, butterflies, eggs, candles and lambs to remind us of what Easter is about.  Many of the symbols represent new life and a fresh new beginning, like flowers, eggs and butterflies.  Others remind us of Jesus and what he accomplished for us, like a lamb representing his being the sacrificial lamb who has taken away our sins and candles representing Jesus as the light of the world.

We often celebrate with early morning worship services in remembrance of the women who went to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body and became the first to learn and proclaim Jesus’ resurrection.  Many Churches have a breakfast, which echoes back to the meals that Jesus and the Disciples shared on many occasions and which the Church continued as it spread the Gospel message around the world.

This year, unlike last year, we will gather and celebrate Easter; we will, however, only be celebrating with one service, at 10:00 am, but we will not let another year go by without rejoicing at the reason for our very existence, the means of our salvation.

I know that some of you are still not comfortable being out and about with other people, but that does not mean you can’t do something this year to join with over 2½ million Christians around the world to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Have a few friends over to rejoice and share a meal with; put out a bright and colorful banner to let your neighbors know of the importance of this day to you and for them.  Send a note of thanksgiving and praise to someone reminding them of God’s love shown by Jesus’ life, sacrificial death and resurrection.

Easter is the one day in the history of the world upon which all of time pivoted.  Before the resurrection people could only guess what God was going to do to remedy the broken relationship that existed between God and humanity.  In the resurrection God showed all of humanity how important we were and are to God.

We sing songs at Christmas, like “Love Came Down at Christmas,” but those songs would be meaningless without Good Friday and Easter.  Jesus’ willingness to go to the cross and his resurrection were acts that changed the lives of the Disciples and have been changing the lives of countless billions ever since.  I hope that your life will continue to reflect the change that Jesus Christ has made in you not only this Easter Sunday but every day you are given on earth to show God’s love. I also hope whether you are in Church or not you will sing “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today.”  It Is The Reason For The Season!

 Pastor Ethan

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