Suspension of Services

Written by Wesley UMC

On Mar 18, 2020

Dear Members and Friends

Wesley United Methodist Church has been asked by Bishop Jung and Cabinet to suspend all Worship Services and gatherings of more than 10 people until Easter, April 12, 2020. As we get closer to this date we will know more about how soon we will be able to resume services. While we will follow the recommendation, we do it with a heavy heart knowing that God has called us to be a people who worship and grow together.

We encourage you to participate in worship at home with family and friends.  We will be working on making the Sunday Morning message available through the internet on our website, Facebook and YouTube.  This is an option that not everyone will be able to access, for those who do not have internet access we encourage you to find a worship service on TV or the Radio to participate in.

We also need to remember that while the worship services are temporarily suspended the expenses of the Church will not decrease.  We will need to keep the building warm and maintain the building, we need to keep paying salaries and supporting our missional outreach to the best of our abilities.

Your weekly or bi-weekly offerings can be sent several ways; 1) Regular Mail 2) Direct Deposits – which can be can be made directly to the Church account at Peoples Bank or 3) Direct Donation – where you can select the donation frequency (first of the month, 15th of the month, or every Friday) and the amount, which will be automatically transferred from your bank account to Wesley’s bank account on that date. For Direct Donation please complete the enclosed form and return to the church along with a blank check marked “VOID”. This check will provide us with necessary banking information. For questions or additional information on offering options please call the Church office.

What do we need to remember during this time of uncertainty and what do we need to do? First and foremost we need to remember that God is still in control. This crisis has not been a surprise to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Secondly, that we are still the Church and as such we are called to care for one another, and care for the least and the lost. Check on the people around you, family friends and neighbors.  Help them in ways that you can, picking up groceries and other supplies for those who because health concerns do not feel comfortable going out at this time.  It may be a phone call so people do not feel isolated.

Third, pray for your family, friends and the Church, including your Pastor.  While we may not be able to gather on Sundays for worship or on Wednesdays for Lenten Services we are still a part of the Body of Christ. Fourth, read your Bible every day. I recommend reading six Chapters from the Old and New Testaments; begin with Genesis, a chapter being from Psalms and from Proverbs. Don’t just read it but talk to one another about what you have read. When you call one another talk about what God has shown you in the Word.

From the New Testament begin with Matthew continue through each of the Gospels; then a chapter from the Acts of the Apostles followed by Revelation; and a chapter from the Epistles beginning with Romans.  This is a pattern that I have used over the years and have found it very encouraging.

I look forward to being with you again in worship very soon. It may be Easter or later, but the first Sunday back we will celebrate Holy Week focusing on Easter, the most important Holiday (Holy Day) of the year.  Rejoice and be glad God is God and we are still the People of God.

Pastor Ethan L. Larson

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